On the third week of Hallowtober

10/12 – Rocky Horror Picture Show

I usually wait until it’s closer to Halloween to watch this one, but it was on TV and who am I to say no to young Tim Curry in a corset? I am no one.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, fix your life. Then go see a stage show. Tis the season.

10/13 – Three Headed Shark Attack

I- I should have written about this while watching it because I have no memory of anything I saw. I know I watched it. Netflix confirms I watched it. I have no memory. Not that it really matters. I mean, it’s a Syfy channel original, so I think we can all guess the contents.

Follow your hearts, y’all. Only you know if you’re in the mood for bad CGI, tits, and gore.

10/14 – The Book of Life

Not a scary movie but an appropriate one for the season. Beautifully animated with a great score (I never knew I needed “Creep” covered by a mariachi band until I saw this movie), The Book of Life follows the adventures of the bullfighter Diego as he travels to the land of the dead and back to protect his town and the people he loves.

Gorgeous, funny, and I really really REEEALLY want to dress up as La Muerte for Halloween some year.

10/15 – The Relic

I don’t know why, but for some reason, my head always mixes this and Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic together. I welcome your speculations as to why this is.

It’s not a great movie, but there’s a hideous monster, rampant destruction and a chase through a museum, and all the really annoying people die horribly and filled with regret. I hope.

10/16 – Saw a play and wrote a review. Read about it here!

10/17 – Sphere

Look, watching Queen Latifah die via jelly fish swarm was weird. I’m not sure I’ll watch this again, but I definitely want to read the book.

10/18 – Saw a different play and wrote another review. Read about it via this finely crafted link!


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