On the first week of Hallowtober

So, ya know how last post I was all “I’m watching a scary movie every night of Hallowtober and I’m thinking of doing mini reviews for them durr”?



8/1 – The Invoked

I honestly don’t know why I watched this other than it was there and I could.

Okay, I do know. I’m a sucker for found-footage movies. I KNOW they’re terrible, but they’re the sort of terrible that I really enjoy. And it’s set in Ireland, which I’m also a sucker for.

The Invoked could be exchanged for any of a number of other found-footage films wherein a group of 20-somethings break into an abandoned someplace and proceed to act like fools, thus invoking (haha see what I did thar) the violent spirits therein. The only thing new is that this movie is set in Ireland.

Don’t watch this. Unless, like me, you enjoy the aesthetic of spooky-flavoured failure.

8/2 – Vampire In Brooklyn

Is there anything that needs to be said about this? It’s a vampire movie from the 90’s, set in Brooklyn, starring Eddie Murphy in his hey-day and Angela Basset, who looks amazing despite some frightful hair. This movie is gold. Watch it.

8/3 – The Intruders (2011)

I’ve been avoiding this one on Netflix because they had it filed under psychological thrillers and I hate nothing more than having my scares turn out to be all in the characters heads. Okay, I hate snakes more. And baby wolf spiders that look like brown recluses and freak me out unnecessarily. But you know what? I didn’t hate this.

Clive Owen is broody and paternal. His movie-daughter has kind of a weird face but she’s appropriately pale and anemic looking for the genre. I was more interested in the Spanish plot line, but the story as a whole ties together well at the end. The CGI is not particularly good, but it’s better than our next contender.

8/4 – Dark Is The Night

This is sort of a monster movie? Sort of? But also somber and angsty and full of characters with deep-seated regrets and traumas they manfully try to power through. It’s like someone from Lifetime directed a SyFy Original Movie. The family is reunited in the end and the monster is horribly rendered and everything. I think I like the idea of this movie more than the actual product. It reminded me a little of Cherie Priest’s book, THOSE WHO WENT REMAIN THERE STILL, which is far more interesting and you know I should really reread that this month.


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