Introducing Stitch! ::Warning: Cat Pictures Ahead::

Among the awful hard terrible no good things that happened this year, my beloved cat and family familiar, Widget, died. Of a stroke. Because of course she did. She was a wonderful black cat whom we rescued from an abusive owner, and she filled our lives with joy and cuddles and a pile of widowed socks. I miss her terribly.

But because I have awesome friends and there was a hole in the universe where a black cat was supposed to be, at the end of July, I was gifted with a shiny new black cat. Meet Stitch!

Meet Stitch, Experiment 666. He's evil. And fluffy.

AKA, Experiment 666. He’s evil. And fluffy. And so, so destructive.

evil lab assistant

He’s such a sweet little abomination of mad science!

And now, my holiday present to you: cat pictures!













stitch has a bath

He’s sweet! He destroys everything! He wants to eat THE WORLD! Follow me on Twitter for more kitteny hijinks.


About Morgan Maria D'Isidoro

Morgan Maria D'Isidoro has lived in Baltimore, MD for most of her life, saving a handful of failed escape attempts. Given the murder rates, she'll probably die here too. Morgan is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry, a musician of dubious quality, cat aficionado, art history fangirl, kitchen sorceress, recovering pyromaniac, accomplished liar, and an all around person of questionable employability.
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