Midnight Writer: Are you my Mummy?

The museum is nearly empty at this time of day, and the Egyptian gallery feels as silent as the tombs the pieces were pulled from. She’s enjoying the silence and strives to keep it for the last few moments that the museum is open. The quiet feels more appropriate, almost like reverence as the sun sets outside. She just wants a closer look at the mummy and there are precious few minutes before the security officer comes back to escort her out. the surviving hieroglyphics are beautiful, even though parts of the inner casket have been bashed in enough to reveal parts of the mummy inside. She never realized before that through one of the damaged areas, you could see part of the mummy’s face. She bent closer. Why, it looked like she could see the mummy’s eye….

The eye winks.

Suddenly, she is less inclined to wait for the security guard to lead her out. The exit is only on the other side of the building. Not far at all.

Meri the Mummy from The Walters Art Museum


About Morgan Maria D'Isidoro

Morgan Maria D'Isidoro has lived in Baltimore, MD for most of her life, saving a handful of failed escape attempts. Given the murder rates, she'll probably die here too. Morgan is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry, a musician of dubious quality, cat aficionado, art history fangirl, kitchen sorceress, recovering pyromaniac, accomplished liar, and an all around person of questionable employability.
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