Well, this hits home.


I take comfort in the fact that I’ve been using the internet today to read about Nazi conspiracy theories and King Louis XVI’s blood in a decorative gourd. (Admittedly, that may not be any better than cats, BUT AT LEAST IT’S DIFFERENT.)

Of course, weird internet searches are about all I can do today. Still sick, and missing a cupcake party to boot. I think I have the flu. It FEELS awfully flu-like, what with the fever and the aches and the chills. I think my immune system is taking a vacation. I hardly got sick at all last year – except for something awful back in March that tried to kill me – whereas, normally, I get sick with something every couple of months. But I was remarkably healthy for most of 2012! Obviously, I’m paying for that now.

Okay. Time to put in my used “Wrath of the Titans” dvd to veg out to. Hopefully, I’ll be over this by Wednesday so I don’t miss my first docent class.


About Morgan Maria D'Isidoro

Morgan Maria D'Isidoro has lived in Baltimore, MD for most of her life, saving a handful of failed escape attempts. Given the murder rates, she'll probably die here too. Morgan is a writer of speculative fiction and poetry, a musician of dubious quality, cat aficionado, art history fangirl, kitchen sorceress, recovering pyromaniac, accomplished liar, and an all around person of questionable employability.
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