On the third week of Hallowtober

10/12 – Rocky Horror Picture Show

I usually wait until it’s closer to Halloween to watch this one, but it was on TV and who am I to say no to young Tim Curry in a corset? I am no one.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, fix your life. Then go see a stage show. Tis the season.

10/13 – Three Headed Shark Attack

I- I should have written about this while watching it because I have no memory of anything I saw. I know I watched it. Netflix confirms I watched it. I have no memory. Not that it really matters. I mean, it’s a Syfy channel original, so I think we can all guess the contents.

Follow your hearts, y’all. Only you know if you’re in the mood for bad CGI, tits, and gore.

10/14 – The Book of Life

Not a scary movie but an appropriate one for the season. Beautifully animated with a great score (I never knew I needed “Creep” covered by a mariachi band until I saw this movie), The Book of Life follows the adventures of the bullfighter Diego as he travels to the land of the dead and back to protect his town and the people he loves.

Gorgeous, funny, and I really really REEEALLY want to dress up as La Muerte for Halloween some year.

10/15 – The Relic

I don’t know why, but for some reason, my head always mixes this and Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic together. I welcome your speculations as to why this is.

It’s not a great movie, but there’s a hideous monster, rampant destruction and a chase through a museum, and all the really annoying people die horribly and filled with regret. I hope.

10/16 – Saw a play and wrote a review. Read about it here!

10/17 – Sphere

Look, watching Queen Latifah die via jelly fish swarm was weird. I’m not sure I’ll watch this again, but I definitely want to read the book.

10/18 – Saw a different play and wrote another review. Read about it via this finely crafted link!

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On the second week of Hallowtober…

my true love gave to me a new laptop.

Sorry for the delay, but Rossetti is having some hardware difficulties that have made her unusable and which it appears my warranty won’t cover. Boo.

8/5 – Devil’s Backbone, Texas

There are the makings of a fun movie in here. For one, it’s not your average found-footage flick. Devil’s Backbone, Texas is filmed as a documentary, with our writer/director/star, Jake Wade Wall, investigating his estranged father who was one (for reals) on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries back in the 90’s. There are interviews with his siblings and townsfolk who knew his father, making much of the movie feel like an actual documentary. In that setting, the inclusion of supernatural weirdness could be really cool, and in there are a few successfully creepy moments that hint at the movie that could-have-been. But the movie never really commits to the horror. It swings one way, then another, and in the end, just left me feeling unsettled and unsatisfied.

8/6 – The Others

During WWI, Nicole Kidman and her two sickly children are isolated in the old mansion they call home by an impenetrable fog. As you might expect from any movie on this list, strange and paranormal things begin to happen in short order. There’s a well paced build to scares in this one and a fun twist at the end, which you probably already know, but I’m not going to be the one to spoil it for anyone.

I remember seeing this movie in theaters as a kid and really enjoying it and IMO, it’s held up well. My one complaint is that I have a decreased tolerance for movies wherein Nicole Kidman’s character scolds people. It’s a little quirk I have.

8/7 – Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

A remake of the 70’s film Ganja and Hess, directed by Spike Lee. An anthropologist awakens with a thirst for blood after being stabbed by his assistant with an ancient African dagger. This movie is absolutely terrible. I just – I don’t have words to describe all the ways this movie falls flat. I was SO. EXCITED. to see Spike Lee make a vampire movie, you guys! And with vampire myth potentially rooted in African lore! But it’s just – UGH!

The acting is off, the characters are flat and universally despicable, the script is rambling and ineffectual, and the social commentary is all over the place, touching on a bunch of issues without actually saying anything. The real horror is that my friend and I watched this, all the way through, without the anesthetizing powers of hard alcohol. The pain of it still lingers.

8/8 – I took the night off to recover.

8/9 – Gravity Falls break!!!

After the disappointment that was Wednesday’s film choice, I fell back on a new favorite. Gravity Falls is a cartoon series created by Alex Hirsh and airing on Disney. It’s filled with monsters and conspiracy theories and mad science and adorable sweaters. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I tried to stick to the more Halloween-ish episodes, such as Summerween, Little Gift Shop of Horrors, and Northwest Mansion Noir (a personal favorite. Can’t recommend enough. Vengeful lumberjack poltergeist.).

There’s so much to catch in this show, so it’s easy to talk yourself into rewatching episodes to catch visual gags and foreshadowing to future episodes.

8/10 – My laptop broke! Everything is awful! I read books instead!

8/11 – The Shadow

The Shadow (1994) is based on the old radio show of the same name. Set in New York City in the 1930’s and filled with some beautiful costumes, it’s about a psychic vigilante facing off against a super psychic descendant of Genghis Khan who intends to use an atomic bomb designed by Sir Ian McKellen and Tim Curry to conquer the globe. It that sentence doesn’t turn you on, we can’t be friends anymore.

I’ll see about squeezing two more movies in sometime during the upcoming weeks to make up for the deficiency.

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On the first week of Hallowtober

So, ya know how last post I was all “I’m watching a scary movie every night of Hallowtober and I’m thinking of doing mini reviews for them durr”?



8/1 – The Invoked

I honestly don’t know why I watched this other than it was there and I could.

Okay, I do know. I’m a sucker for found-footage movies. I KNOW they’re terrible, but they’re the sort of terrible that I really enjoy. And it’s set in Ireland, which I’m also a sucker for.

The Invoked could be exchanged for any of a number of other found-footage films wherein a group of 20-somethings break into an abandoned someplace and proceed to act like fools, thus invoking (haha see what I did thar) the violent spirits therein. The only thing new is that this movie is set in Ireland.

Don’t watch this. Unless, like me, you enjoy the aesthetic of spooky-flavoured failure.

8/2 – Vampire In Brooklyn

Is there anything that needs to be said about this? It’s a vampire movie from the 90’s, set in Brooklyn, starring Eddie Murphy in his hey-day and Angela Basset, who looks amazing despite some frightful hair. This movie is gold. Watch it.

8/3 – The Intruders (2011)

I’ve been avoiding this one on Netflix because they had it filed under psychological thrillers and I hate nothing more than having my scares turn out to be all in the characters heads. Okay, I hate snakes more. And baby wolf spiders that look like brown recluses and freak me out unnecessarily. But you know what? I didn’t hate this.

Clive Owen is broody and paternal. His movie-daughter has kind of a weird face but she’s appropriately pale and anemic looking for the genre. I was more interested in the Spanish plot line, but the story as a whole ties together well at the end. The CGI is not particularly good, but it’s better than our next contender.

8/4 – Dark Is The Night

This is sort of a monster movie? Sort of? But also somber and angsty and full of characters with deep-seated regrets and traumas they manfully try to power through. It’s like someone from Lifetime directed a SyFy Original Movie. The family is reunited in the end and the monster is horribly rendered and everything. I think I like the idea of this movie more than the actual product. It reminded me a little of Cherie Priest’s book, THOSE WHO WENT REMAIN THERE STILL, which is far more interesting and you know I should really reread that this month.

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I really like October.

This year, I’m watching a scary movie every day until Halloween, when I’ll be doing…something. I don’t know what yet. Maybe party. Maybe movie marathon that I’ll live tweet. Maybe sit on my lawn and heckle trick-or-treaters. Anything and everything is possible.

In the meanwhile, I’m considering doing short reviews for the movies I watch. Good idea? Bad idea? Suggestions for which movies I should watch?

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Self-improvement, one word vomit at a time

I had my first “real” therapy session Monday. The previous two were just introductory sessions, getting a feel for the issues I want to try overcome and delving into some of my history. Monday’s session was, well, it happened.

I think in the long run, therapy is going to be good for me. I’ve got a bunch of garbage in my head that I’ve dealt with well for some two decades and counting, but I don’t want to be dragging some of this crap around for another two and I’ve reached the end of what I can self-treat. So yeah, this is going to be helpful. But not immediately.

Right now, my therapist and I are still playing the Getting To Know You Game, where I talk about myself forever and in the process become hyper aware of how much of a depressed and anxious mess I am ALL THE TIME.

Apparently, I was so miserable during my adolescence that I now consider any emotion that isn’t “I want the world to end so the void can take me and cease this eternal suffering” to be okay and moderately healthy. And now, the realization that I’m CONSTANTLY stressed/anxious/depressed has exacerbated those feelings so that it’s become a feedback loop of perceived failure and bitter recriminations.

And the mental gymnastics going on as one part of me despairs that “I’ll never be normal whaaaaaa!” and the rest of me tries to exercise reason and rational thought has left me exhausted.

On the plus side, trying to avoid thinking about and thus becoming entrenched in the quagmire of my neurosis has helped me think a lot more clearly about some of my writing issues, so huzzah!


Hopefully next weeks session yields more productive results. I don’t think I can take being any more self aware of my misery than I currently am.

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Picspiration: Giants

I’m working on entirely too many projects right now and all of them are frikkin’ awesome but all of them are also ridiculously huge and cannot be finished quickly. So, to save my easily bruised ego from feeling like I’m incapable of finishing a story, I’ve been working on some flash fictions and other short-5k-words-or-less. And for this, I turn to the internet for a little visual prodding.

Tonight’s inspirational picture comes courtesy of an article from Atlas Obscura, an all too interesting website I encourage you to procrastinate with. I mean, when you can find pictures like this there, you know you’ve hit gold.


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Hashtag Expensive Cat Part 2

Great news! Magellan is recovering well and his hospital bill came in lower than anticipated. Between the donations from GoFundMe and those sent via Paypal, my cat bro is all paid up!

He’s not going to be out of the woods completely for a while – for the next couple of weeks,  there’s a strong possibility he could develop another UT blockage. However, given how quickly he’s recovered, we’re hoping that won’t be the case.  Either way we’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Here’s picture of him chilling in my dresser and furring up my clean clothes, the bum. ❤


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